Every year on Groundhog Day, many all across the country rely on a groundhog to predict how much longer winter will hang around.

Michigan offers up its own groundhog day prediction with Woody the Woodchuck at the Howell Nature Center in Marion Township.

There is a groundhog in Punxsutawney, Penn., by the name of Punxsutawney Phil that is the most famous for making the winter/spring prediction.

So far in the last 20 years, Woody the Woodchuck has been more accurate than the famous Punxsutawney Phil so we will start with Woody.

Woody popped out of her house Tuesday morning and did not stay out for over 30 seconds making her prediction of six more weeks of winter.

This year, Punxsutawney Phil had the same prediction of six more weeks of winter. Which has been a tradition on Groundhog Day for over 130 years.

According to WOOD, the caretakers of Phil had him up at 7:25 Tuesday morning to make his prediction at Gobbler's Knob in Punxsutawney, Penn. Not only was there a prediction of six more weeks of winter but also a prediction of one of the most beautiful and brightest springs you have ever seen.

Not sure how Phil's owners got that second prediction out of him, but I'll take it.

Unlike past years for Groundhog Day predictions, this year both Woody the Woodchuck and Punxsutawney Phil made their predictions virtually because of COVID-19.

There is another prediction maker that happens to reside in Muskegon and goes by the name of Muskrat Frank. Frank, unlike the two previous groundhogs I mentioned, makes his prediction on the last Tuesday in August on how much longer summer will be. That is more of the prediction that I am waiting to hear.

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