Quite an exciting day yesterday for the staff at the Geek Group on the west side of Grand Rapids. Owner Chris Boden posted on Facebook Wednesday morning explaining exactly what went down Tuesday afternoon.

He starts off with “I came very close to having to shoot a man…”  He then goes on to explain why, because as he writes:

“gossip travels like wildfire across the westside, I would like to get out ahead of the story and give you the full facts of what happened and why."


Chris then goes on to tell the story of a guy who walked into the Geek Group Tuesday afternoon and sucker punched Chris in the face as he approached the man to kick him out. That’s when Chris pulled his sidearm and asked the man to leave.  He was soon arrested without incident by GRPD.

As Chris explains later, this guy has actually stalked one of the ladies at the Geek Group, thinking that he and the employee are married and have been for “the past several Billion (yes, Billion) years.”  They know his name, Lonnie Griffin, and he’s been having weird run-ins with the staff for a while now.  Lonnie even believes that Chris is Thor.

They have posted the video of yesterday’s incident to stop hear-say and also make people aware of this guy.


Chris also goes on to talk about how we as a society have failed Lonnie. You can read more about that in his original post below.


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