If there's one thing for sure, being forced to be on lockdown has made us appreciate our hair stylists and barbers more than we ever have.

Unfortunately, being shutdown for an extended period of time has taken a toll on some of these salon owners and a popular salon in East Grand Rapids will not be reopening its doors.

The James Salon & Spa made the sad news on their Facebook page

Due to the many changes all businesses will have to introduce upon reopening, and the devastating loss of revenue as of now and also going forward until this pandemic is under control, we have no choice but to close our East Grand Rapids/Gaslight Village location!

The James Salon & Spa has another location in Ada and luckily are taking all of their current employees in East G.R. to their Ada salon.

The owner says he understands that this could be somewhat of an inconvenience for those who will have to travel further but says gift certificates will still be honored and promises the same top experience.

I personally can vouch for that. After my hair stylist switched from a salon in Grand Rapids to The James Salon in Ada, I made the decision to make the trek, and it's definitely worth it. Plus, we all know how hard it is to find a stylist we love and trust so if you already have that relationship... stick with it!

Don't believe me? A recent study done by a software company asked 2,000 Americans the most difficult business to find "the one" and the #1 answer was a hairstylist/barber.

Here are some tips for self-care during the pandemic:

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