I was more than happy to see Matthew Stafford win a playoff game, after years of frustration in Detroit, but he, and I, feel he has more to prove.

When Matthew Stafford was traded to the highly talented Los Angeles Rams last off season, many in Lions land were overjoyed. Finally, some Lions fans said, Matthew will get his chance at a Super Bowl.

But there were many that were left a little bitter by the Lions selling their best ever quarterback off for future considerations.

Stafford quieted some of the doubters by winning the first playoff game in his career, leading the Rams to a 34-11 win over Arizona, who, by the way, have never been the same since the Lions lit them up back in week 15.

While some Lions fans were ready to anoint him the Pope of the NFL...

Others declared you're not really a Lions fan if you wished Matthew good luck....

As it is with most things in life, the truth is somewhere in the middle.

Was Stafford right to beg out of Detroit? Absolutely.

Is he better off with the Rams, who already had many building blocks in place before he got there? No doubt.

But even Matthew will tell you he still has a lot to prove. He was happy, but not satisfied with stopping at one playoff win. He said there's still work to do.

Mainly, because he knows he has a chance to write his name among the game's best.

If Stafford can go on the road and defeat two of the game's best QBs in succession, and then return to his home field to win Super Bowl 56, I will personally anoint him the Pope of the NFL.

First up, a trip to Tampa to take on last year's Super Bowl champs, the Buccaneers and their legendary QB, Tom Brady.

If they survive that test, up next is the frozen tundra of Green Bay, and the master of clutch throws, Mr. Know It All, Aaron Rodgers.

Super Bowl 56 will then probably bring the best of the young gunslingers in Patrick Mahomes.

If he outduels that holy trinity, Popehood is all but assured.

If only he can keep Bad Matthew, the guy who leads the league in Pick Sixes, off the field. If that happens, maybe dreams can come true.

Good luck, Matthew, I'm rooting for you.

Los Angeles Rams v Baltimore Ravens
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