I'm not missing this day like I did "National Cleavage Day" last week! Happy National Grilled Cheese Day! It's the day we celebrate 2 pieces of grilled and buttery bread with melted gooey cheese in the middle! It's a cheap and tasty lunch, and pared with some tomato soup and a glass of ice cold milk it really satisfies! Yum...is it lunch time yet?

The only thing about grilled cheese that bothers me is you can't make it at home like it's made a diner or on a grilltop. A 500 degree flattop makes a true grilled cheese, and you can't replicate that at home easily. Oh well, still is damn tasty!

Here's the Drunk Kitchen Host herself, Hannah Hart, with her first ever funny video making grilled cheese drunk. Classic. And NSFW. She's got a potty mouth and says alot of bad words. Still funny as hell.


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