It's almost as if he's trying to convince himself it's going to be a good trip. And it is.

Jim Harbaugh has taken past Michigan football teams on team trips to Rome, where they met the Pope, and South Africa, where they went on a great safari.

This year, the team trip is a lot closer to home, and Jim seems to be like a dad trying to convince his kids that an exciting trip to the Upper Peninsula is actually a good deal (and it is).

Yup, you heard right, the team trip this year will be to the Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore, and then onward to Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore, and while I know what kind of beauty and joy is located there, Jim seems to be trying really hard to convince his team it will be great. Especially in comparison to those other trips.

"Have you ever seen Pictured Rocks?" Harbaugh said at a press conference during Spring practice this week. "Has anybody?"

"It's amazing! We're gonna put them in kayaks, we're gonna kayak out to Pictured Rocks. There will be rafting. There will be outdoor anything you can think of. You should really go to Pictured Rocks. You'd think you were in -- the most scenic place to me is South Africa, the most scenic place I've ever been. Pictured Rocks is right up there with any of them. Sleeping Bear Dunes, I haven't personally -- I've just kind of been there and looked down at it. But can't wait to get out there and experience that and so many things."


A couple of things:

* I am super excited that Harbaugh is taking his team to the UP. So many Michigan residents have never been there and the fact that Harbaugh taking his team will bring great press to the area is fantastic. We need as Michigan residents to be proud of how beautiful our state is, particularly the rural Upper Peninsula. Some team writers have kind of mocked this trip after the team going on those other overseas trips. We're ON that kind of level as a destination.

* Now that he's publicizing it, it will probably be more crowded, and that bums me out, because the best thing about the UP is, there's rarely anyone around after Labor Day.

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