Sean Connery was in his late-50s during the making of Indiana Jones and the Last CrusadeHarrison Ford was in his mid-40s. The two were only born 12 years apart — even though in the film Connery played Indiana Jones’ father, Henry Jones Sr. Their age difference might have made them a strange father/son combo, but on a metaphorical level you couldn’t find a better father for Indy than the man who played James Bond, and Ford and Connery made a very agreeable pair of bickering, combative heroes.

Apparently, the testy relationship Indy and his father had onscreen was nothing like the one Ford and Connery shared when the cameras weren’t rolling. After Connery’s passing last weekend at the age of 90, Ford offered this tribute to his former co-star to Variety:

He was my father…not in life…but in ‘Indy 3. You don’t know pleasure until someone pays you to take Sean Connery for a ride in the side car of a Russian motorcycle bouncing along a bumpy, twisty mountain trail and getting to watch him squirm. God, we had fun — if he’s in heaven, I hope they have golf courses. Rest in peace, dear friend.

After Connery’s passing, a lot of people shared this clip from the climax of Last Crusade, and it’s certainly a fitting sentiment after the passing of one of the most popular movie stars of the 20th century:

If all this talk about Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade puts you in the mood to watch it, it’s currently streaming on Netflix.

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