Urban exploration has quickly become a very popular activity for those brave enough to trek through abandoned buildings. Combine that activity with the skills of a photographer and you'll discover some beautifully haunting images.

Recently, in the Facebook group Abandoned, Old, and Interesting Places in Michigan, I stumbled across a post from Tony Vienneau, an explorer, photographer, and author who is based out of Detroit.

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His shared snapshots of abandoned churches, which you'll see below, were positively captivating.

Reaching out to Tony, he said that he's been doing this kind of exploring for the past 7 years and has some advice for anyone who is hoping to do the same.

How Do You Find These Abandoned Places to Explore?

When it comes to finding a series of abandoned buildings to explore, Tony said that he relies on Google Maps to find places that may be abandoned. He then goes to scout them in person. But, before you make the trip, he recommends using business websites and any other information available before actually showing up at the location.

For the First Timers, What's Your Best Piece of Advice?

Urban exploration, which can lead you to incredible sights through these abandoned buildings, can also be dangerous. Tony's response was,

My best advice would be to go with some trusted friends, keep your head down, and just appreciate the buildings for what they are. Go for the art and the story, it's an important part of the city's history.

As well, there are other aspects you should consider like whether or not you'll be trespassing if you visit an abandoned building. Check out a few more tips from jetsettimes.com.

Aside from photographing these abandoned buildings throughout Detroit, Tony Vienneau is also a published author. His latest book, Abandoned Detroit: Vacant Schools, is available right now at Amazon.com:

For people like me, pictures of these places may be interesting or mesmerizing. But, for Tony, it's his passion. As stated on his website, he says,

I believe it’s my job to show off and uncover the rich history we seem to have forgotten.

Read more about Tony's story, see more of his photos, and more here.

And now, please enjoy just a snippet of Tony's work with his exploration of Detroit's abandoned churches:

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