A Butter Pecan Sundae with Hot Fudge. That would be my featured special every day if I owned an ice cream shop. (Trust me, it's amazing.)

Just for fun, we're showing you some pics of a local ice cream shop that just went up for sale. It was formerly known as 'SuperCone' and the listing is being handled by the Full Circle Real Estate Group in Holly.

Fun, But Totally Useless Fact

I worked at an ice cream shop when I was a kid. (If you've ever spent any time 'Up North' in Harrisville, you may be familiar with The Country Cone on US 23.) I damn near put them out of business 40 years ago because I made the cones way too big, not just for the locals but for the tourists as well.

About the Shop

The ice cream shop is located at 304 E. McNeil St. in Corunna. It was fully operational during the last season, closing in early September of last year.

According to the listing, they're asking $150,000 and the current owners call it a 'Turn-Key' business.

the building is about 540 square feet, situated on a little less than a half acre. As you'll see in the pictures below, there's a parking lot and entry from two streets.

From Emily Lange of Full Circle Real Estate Group

"Have you ever dreamed of owning your own shop?! Look no further, this cute place located in Corunna could be perfect for you. Formerly known as SuperCone! Make your dreams a reality & come check this place out!"

Check out the pics below. And don't hire anyone like me that's extremely generous when it comes to ice cream.

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