There are holidays every single day of the year whether or not you realize it. Not all of them are "bank holidays" that give us an excuse to stay home, but we still love to celebrate the little days along the way. And today is a very special day if you consider yourself a "cat person".


It's international Cat Day, and in honor of the holiday, I've found a list of some of the most infamous cats in and around Michigan, so get out your yarn and catnip and get ready to party with some of the cutest members of the mitten state.


This self proclaimed "naughty ginger cat" is living his best pure Michigan life every day on our timelines, and with 14.7k followers, it's hard to disagree about how pawsitively adorable his shenanigans are.

When he's not playing in the snow or waiting for dinner, he's posting photos to make your heart warm. you can follow him on instagram at @sebastians_shenanigans  




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Muffin (for the masses)

This Detroit area kitty gets out and about, and it's fun to see the world through Muffin's eyes.

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You may spot muffin out and about in her adorable customized cat-pack with her sister banana in tow. It's a cute adventure where he can see the world from the comfort of his owner's shoulders.

You can follow muffin and all of her fun on her instagram account @muffin_for_the_masses

Sir Remmington

Remmi is such a cute boy, you'll want to follow him off the earth and not just on instagram.

This Grand Rapids feline swears that one day he'll catch the red dot, but until then he's flexing his fashion on our timelines, and we are here for the looks he's serving this summer.




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You can follow his adventures on his instagram account @remithecat616

Arcturus Aldebaran Powers

This Farmington Hills feline wasn't just exotically handsome, he was also the Guinness World Record holder for the tallest cat. He was over 20 inches tall at only two years old, which is two inches taller than average for the tallest cats at full grown size.

Bill Powers
Bill Powers

Arcturus was unfortunately lost in a fire back in late 2017 after he gained his record because of a fire in his home caused by a dysfunctional massage chair that his owners had. He is very missed, but still owns an important role of Michigan kitty history.

Honorable Mention: Jinx

While Jinx the beloved internet celebrity isn't technically a Michigan resident, he holds a special place in Michigan history as the first feline mayor of Hell, Michigan.

@bigfootjinx ABSOLUTELY INSANE LMFAOO #bigfootjinx #hellmichigan #catsoftiktok ♬ the bitch is back - 💌

On Sunday April 24th, 2022, Jinx was given the opportunity to reign over Hell (the city, of course) after his owner paid a $100 fee, which is a part of a long running gimmick of one self proclaimed mayor of the incorporated town.

BigFootJinx on Instagram
BigFootJinx on Instagram

While Jinx isn't from Michigan, he's cute enough to get credit for an honorable mention after gaining a title in our state.

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