According to Wikipedia (which is never wrong), the idea of a Heathers TV show, based on the 1988 high-school hit, was first announced way back in the summer of 2009. ScreenCrush’s first article about Heathers on TV came in 2012, when Bravo announced they were working on their own television spinoff of the film. That show would have featured the adult version of Winona Ryder’s character, whose teenage daughter squares off with a new group of mean girls. In 2016, TV Land got into the Heathers business with their own version; eventually that one mutated into what you’re about to watch, which is the first preview for the now-actually-happening Heathers series, debuting in 2018 on the Paramount Network (formerly Spike TV). Take a look (be advised there’s some brief NSFW language):

Coming in 2018 to the Paramount Network. #Heathers #☠️

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Where the proposed Bravo show was more of a sequel, this one is a reboot, with the characters from the 1988 original (or at least Veronica, previously played by Winona Ryder, and Heather Chandler, played by Kim Walker) now in high school in the 2010s and played by a new group of actors. The film, known for its dark humor about high-school cliques, also involved a fair amount of murder, so it will be interesting to see how a television show addresses what could be some very high cast turnover rate. (To keep the series going for one than one season would probably involve some substantial changes to the source material.) High schools, both in popular culture and in real life, have changed dramatically in the 30 years since the Heathers movie, which could make the TV show very different than its inspiration as well.

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