Remember your first bike as a kid? Give that feeling to a local child this Christmas. Here's how...

The Dream Rides Campaign is looking for you to help local kids get new bikes for Christmas.

Serra Honda of Grandville is teaming up with Village Bike and the Grand Rapids Dream Center to hopefully get 100 bikes for local children, who may not otherwise get one.

Rick Clift, the General Manager of Serra Honda Grandville, joined me in the studio Wednesday, along with Greg Molchan and Rebecca Taylor of the Dream Center and Cory Bultman from Village Bike and Fitness.

Their goal is to get 100 bikes, complete with helmets and locks for the Dream Center, who was found 100 deserving children to get the bikes.

Donations to help fund the bikes, helmets and locks are being raised in the following ways:

* Serra Honda Grandville will donate $50 for every vehicle sold through December 13.

* Direct monetary donations can be made at Serra Honda Grand ville or through the Dream Center at

* You can buy a new bike yourself and drop it off at Serra Honda Grandville.

More information on how to support the Dream Rides Campaign can be found at

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