A young girl visited Grand Rapids over the weekend, and sadly lost her best friend while she was here.

Laura Goins took to Facebook after the family's trip to explain that her daughter's stuffed animal, Foxy, had gone missing somewhere between their hotel (Wyndham Garden - Grand Rapids Airport) and DeVos Place. The family even drove around and retraced their steps, but Foxy was nowhere to be found.

If you've ever had a child who is super attached to a particular toy, you can imagine just how Elsa (and as a result, Laura) is feeling right now.

Laura says that they've contacted the hotel, and the staff is keeping their eyes out for Foxy, but really he could be anywhere.

If you've seen Foxy, please know that he is loved and missed, and you would make a 6-year-old girl's year if you returned him to her.

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