The producers of the Beatles-themed movie Yesterday have released a new clip that focuses on the moment when pop star Ed Sheeran suggests the Fab Four classic “Hey Jude” should be renamed “Hey Dude.”

The story takes place in a world where one of the most influential bands of all time has been forgotten in the aftermath of a global power outage. Discovering he’s the only person who remembers the Beatles and their music, Jack Malik (Himesh Patel) usurps his knowledge to become famous.

You can watch the clip below.

Speaking at the movie’s premiere in London, director Danny Boyle said he believed the Beatles would have loved the movie. “It appeals to their sense of humor, I think,” he told Reuters. “That is so typical of their sense of humor – and their bravery as well – because they are experimenters. So I think they like the fact that it’s a bit left field.”

He noted that Ringo Starr and George Harrison’s widow both watched the movie and had sent their congratulations. “I don’t think Paul [McCartney] has seen the movie, but he’s seen the trailer and he said, ‘Oh that seems to work!’” Boyle added.

In a separate interview, writer Richard Curtis discussed another scene that’s likely to become a standout. Realizing what’s happened to him, Jack searches online for Oasis – a notably Beatles-influenced band – only to find the definition “an isolated area of vegetation in a desert.”

“I can't tell you how badly that joke goes down in America," Curtis told the BBC. “The Americans just completely assumed that Danny and I would cut it, but we were having none of it. Americans don't cut jokes out of their films because we don't know where New Jersey is, so why should we cut the Oasis joke?”

Boyle recalled the advice he gave Sheeran before filming. “Obviously Ed's a wonderful musician, and it was amazing watching him in concert,” he said. “But actually in terms of acting I felt I could help him a bit.”

He explained that the “big mistake” people who aren’t actors make was learning lines and simply waiting for a cue, rather than following the pace of the scene. "What you've got to do is listen to the actors, and then it doesn't matter if you miss your cue because it's film," Boyle said. "It's not like theater and you can stop and go back and do it again.”

Yesterday arrives in theaters on June 28.



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