Video: Pride of Detroit via YouTube

It's almost been a week. But every day of this week, there has been a new story about the travesty that the New Orleans Saints had to endure at the hands of the refs during their playoff game versus the LA Rams. They lost. And if you ask the Saints, any Saints fans, even Stevie Wonder, they'll tell you that they got the once over by the refs for that blatant no call on that pass interference. You do know which one I'm talking about right?

Video: ABC News via YouTube

But you see, the problem here is that we Detroit Lions fans are used to it. Truth be told, it's a way of life for us. Enjoy some of our greatest hits (uh...misses) thanks to the zebras. And hey saints, even though they admitted they blew the call, you can't get that play back. And no matter what, enjoy the season that was. And like most Lion's fan repeat after me, NEXT YEAR...WILL BE OUR YEAR. And repeat.



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