It's easy to spend hours and hours going down the home renovation rabbit hole on TV.

Whether it's real-time or on-demand, you can view home reno shows 24/7.

Cable network HGTV has made a cottage industry out of airing home renovation shows. The TV giant is home to literally hundreds of home reno shows, from stalwarts like Trading Spaces and Extreme Makeover: Home Edition to newer programs like Renovation Impossible and Farmhouse Fixer.

Now HGTV is casting for a brand new home renovation show in Michigan.

Think You've Got What It Takes to Be on TV?

HGTV is looking for a fun-loving, energetic Michigan family to appear on an upcoming home renovation series. Boredom-loving, lethargic families don't make for must-see TV.

Northern Michigan, Lansing, Grand Rapids, Flint, Kalamazoo - It's All Good!

Unlike some shows, this one isn't indicating an interest in centering around a large city like Detroit. Regardless of where you are in Michigan, or where in Michigan you're interested in moving, your family could qualify!

What Kind of Home?

Showrunners say they're particularly looking for individuals or families that have come up empty in their search for their perfect dream home - that amazing one that has everything they're looking for. Frustrated, they're now searching among fixer-uppers on the market... looking for that one house that can be turned into exactly what they want and need.

Here's How to Apply

HGTV asks that you gather a few materials to send in with your application to appear on the as-yet-unnamed show. You need pictures of the fixer-upper(s) you're considering (or a real estate listing link to the home). You need a picture of your family. Be prepared to describe what you were originally looking for, and why a fixer-upper is apparently the route you're going to have to go. Finally, tell them what renovations you think you'd need to do to the home in question to make it your dream home. Visit this page for a link to apply.

Looking forward to seeing a Michigan family on HGTV soon!

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