Remember the good ol' days, when you wanted a pizza, you would just call the local shop, or delivery place, and have 'em bring it to you?

As Don Henley sings in "The Boys of Summer:" "Those days are gone forever"

But as has been stated in this blog before, the more things change, the more they stay the same.

Pizza Hut now has a feature on it's website that allows you to order a pizza without even having to type the order or click boxes. It's a subconscious eye tracking menu feature that does what it says. It tracks your eye movement on the menu and orders without you having to do anything.

It all goes back to this exact date, 40 years ago. On Dec. 4, 1974, a disabled student at Michigan State University, Donald Sherman, ordered the world's first pizza using a computer.

Mind blown.

Look how far we have come in 40 years: a 16-inch pizza for $6.25. Those really WERE the good ol' days!

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