Personally, my favorite kind of bar is one that's not well-known. Or, a dive bar. Give me a hole-in-the-wall kind of place with the same 10 people sitting around the bar every night and I'll be happy.

Those kinds of bars are always cozier in my opinion. It's why a video of this "hidden bar" caught my attention.

Posted by Teresa R. in the Facebook group Hidden in the Mitten Fun, the bar is simply called Alli Bar and looks to be made up of scrap metal and other random trinkets:

Located in Port Sanilac, which has a population of about 567 as of 2021, it's a tad difficult to find concrete info about the history of this little bar. Their Facebook page, which you can see here, gives their address and hours (weather permitting) but, that's about it.

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It does seem to be an outdoor bar (hence the 'weather permitting' for their hours). That said, it feels safe to assume that they're also a seasonal bar. Because who's going to stand outside on the coast of Lake Huron in the middle of winter?

However, I was able to find a couple of Tiktok videos shared by those who visited the Alli Bar:

It certainly looks quaint. Of course, with over 18k views between those two videos, this tiny bar will likely not remain a "secret" for long.

If you're wanting to check out the Alli Bar this year, you better be quick about it. According to the original post from Teresa R., this place is only open until the end of October.

If you can't make it in that time frame, you can follow the Alli Bar on Facebook to stay up to date on their season opening for 2023.

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