Just when you thought that the pandemic was finally coming to a close and everything was just starting to get back to normal, business are beginning to ask patrons to wear masks yet again.

The major hardware retailer, The Home Depot, announced on Monday that patrons will need to wear a mask to enter their stores regardless of the vaccination status.  So far, The Home Depot is the only major retailer that is requiring masks in all of their stores and not just in high risk counties.

Many other retailers have slowly started to put their COVID precaution measures back into place, but aren't requiring patrons to wear masks just yet.  Most businesses are just requiring their employees to start wearing masks again and don't have any similar plans for patrons.

Besides The Home Depot's mask mandate, here are what some other large chains are doing in regards to COVID precaution measures:

  • Target will require masks for employees in counties that are deemed high risk.
  • Walmart and Sam's Club will require masks for employees in all of their stores.
  • Apple is requiring all patrons and employees to wear masks in all of their stores.
  • McDonald's is requiring all employees to wear masks in all of their stores.

As the Delta Variant of the coronavirus continues to spread and vaccination rates are plateauing, expect other major retailers to start adopting their old COVID precaution measures in the future.

As always, we will keep you updated with any new information regarding mask policies from individual businesses and the government.

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