UPDATE: A Wendy's employee was suspended Friday after she recorded her manager verbally abusing her.

Late last week, Sophia, an employee of Wendy's on Gull Road in Kalamazoo began filming as one of her managers named Michael yelled at her and called her the "b-word."  She uploaded that video to TikTok which has been viewed over 24,000 times in the last four days.  The way Wendy's handled the situation is mind boggling.  Below is the video of her manager shouting at her.  Warning: there are curse words in the video.

To make matters worse, Sophia posted a TikTok on Friday claiming that she was suspended and that Wendy's "might not be able to pay her" during the suspension.  Sophia goes on to say that the man that manager she filmed shouting at her and calling her names was not suspended.  We have reached out to Wendy's to verify this information but have not heard back at the time of this article was published.

UPDATE: soon after this story was published we learned that the manager was fired.

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Then a possible pattern of behaviour of the man caught shouting at his employee began to form when a woman named Debra who claims to have once worked with the manager in the video sent Sophia a direct message on the popular social media app.  Debra said,

I worked with Mike.  This is only the beginning of his behavior.  He has a hatred for women and is a danger to have in your environment.


We have reached out to both Sophia Monea and Wendy's for comment.  As soon we get a response or any new information we'll update this story.

UPDATE: Comedian DL Hughley recently shared the video on his instagram and has been viewed there nearly 700,000 times.

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