If this photo shoot was classic literature, it might be called "Love Among the Burgers (and Fries)". But at a time where there's been little to smile about, here's something that will give you reason to not only smile, but to get hungry.

Hot 'n Now built a devoted following from it's start in Kalamazoo to growing across the country and to it's demise under corporate leadership, to where now, the Hot 'n Now in Sturgis, Michigan is the last remaining location, after one in Grand Rapids closed about five years ago.

Ana Rose Photography posted these photos of Ryan and Paige, who not only are big fans of Hot 'n Now but are also big fans of each other, as they are married. Their devotion to Hot n' Now is pretty typical of many, especially in this part of Michigan.

But many others share their devotion. Eric Meier's video of his trip down memory lane to Sturgis (he frequented the ones in Lansing while traveling between CMU and home) has had over 19,000 views on You Tube. Logoed merchandise sells on Ebay for a decent price. Hot n' Now introduced olives to a whole generation of fans, and got some others to, begrudgingly acknowledge their existence in the food world.

And here's the funny part. This Lansing State-Journal story says when the company was going through its hardships, you or any enterprising business person could've bought the entire company for less than $200,000. You can't even buy a house for that much now.

But that's history. The Hot n' Now in Sturgis is literally "now". And love blooms for Ryan and Paige and countless others.

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Here's a few more pictures of the photo shoot. And thanks to Ana Rose Photography for allowing their use.

Love, Burgers and Fries, at The Last Hot 'N Now, in Sturgis, Michigan

One happy couple represent the devotion to both each other and to the last Hot 'N Now, in Sturgis, Michigan, where people drive for hours to enjoy the fare.

Gallery Credit: Ana Rose Photography (Used by permission)

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