All week long we’ve seen House of Cards continually crumble under allegations against Kevin Spacey, but is there hope yet for the final season? A new report suggests producers are looking into continuing the series around Robin Wright‘s Claire Underwood, albeit after a very frank exit.

As it stands, Netflix and Media Rights Capital have suspended production on the sixth and final season to assess Spacey’s actions with cast and crew. Following Sunday’s initial revelation of the actor’s advances on then-underage Anthony Rapp, numerous other Hollywood players and House of Cards’ own crew have come forth with stories of Spacey’s predatory behavior.

It’s difficult to imagine Spacey returning to work without incident, or Netflix attempting to complete, promote and premiere a final season without significant controversy, though producers may yet have a solution. According to Variety, creative minds are actively considering a fatal exit for Kevin Spacey’s (ex) President Frank Underwood, which would then place Robin Wright’s (now) President Claire Underwood in the spotlight.

The prevailing sentiment is that hundreds of crew and actors shouldn’t lose their jobs ahead of schedule over Spacey’s actions, nor should existing work be scrapped. The accused star also executive produces House of Cards, and producers are said to be “poring over Spacey’s contract to see if they can legally move forward without him or if they are obligated to put him in the remaining episodes.”

That said, it remains unclear whether a Wright-led House of Cards would follow the same plan to end with Season 6, or continue with any proposed spinoff series. Netflix and MRC are likely to announce a decision soon, so stay tuned for the latest.

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