Seems like all the stories on WFGR.COM lately have fallen into two catagories. Sports and old rock stars. That's fine and all, as I like both, but I also like another topic.

Food. Like food deals. Deals on fast food in the Great Grand Rapids area.

Kinda my thing.

Tuesday is "National Best Friends Day" Of course it is. And Sonic, never turning down a chance to self promote, is having a corn dog deal. On "National Best Friends Day" Because when I think of best friends, I naturally think of corn dogs.

"Sonic will be celebrating National Best Friends Day this Tuesday, January 20, 2015 by offering their Corn Dogs for a discounted 50 cents each all day. Sonic's Corn Dogs are normally about a buck each or more (varies with location). The deal is good at participating Sonic restaurants and there's no limit to how many Corn Dogs you can buy."

So celebrate with your best bud. With a corn dog. From Sonic.


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