A grilled Cheese Sandwich? A Cheeseburger? How bout a turkey sandwich? Many things have slices of cheese on them. But, how many should be on those items?

Personally I believe 2 on each. More cheese makes it too cheesy, less underwhelms the item. This story by "Miserable Shitehawk" "How Many Cheese Slices Belong On A Grilled Cheese Sandwich?" explains.

"It's a question that has stalked man through the generations: How many slices of cheese go into a properly made grilled cheese? I am here today to tell you I have solved this riddle once and for all. My methods met the highest standards of scientific rigor: I made two grilled cheese sandwiches, one with a single slice of cheese, the other with two slices. They shared a wide pan and were made with great care. I did not have tomato soup to pair with my grilled cheese sandwiches, but I had a bottle of Salsa Picante, which in this case was roughly the same color as Campbell's tomato soup (brick red)."

He goes on to test the two choices. See the results and see what you think. He's an idiot but hey, it's his opinion. Whatever.


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