What if the largest lakes in the world were all within a 500 mile radius of Michigan? A photo circulating the web has done just that, and it's striking.

A photo that someone made placing the 25 largest lakes in the world together and next to each other is making its way around the internet, and it demonstrates how cool it is that we live close to five of them.

To get their comparative study, the photo shopper placed the 20 other largest lakes in the land surrounding Michigan, making the five Great Lakes the centerpiece.

Most of Wisconsin and Minnesota would be under water, and the whole of Mid-Michigan would be swallowed by Lake Victoria, including the state capitol of Lansing.

But it does demonstrate how fortunate we are to live within a days drive of five HUGE fresh water lakes. Never take that for granted.

Red_Centauri via Reddit
Red_Centauri via Reddit

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