Wednesday morning, Casey and Jojo got to talking about dumb things we did when we were kids, and a listener brought up building cannons out of cans.

Jojo and the listener agreed you couldn't do it any more because aluminum cans are made differently. How wrong we were!

A quick Google search (what would we do without Google?) shows that you can still make 'polish cannons' (sorry, that's what they call them, I didn't come up with that).

Only now, instead of pop cans, you can use Pringle's cans or soup cans, both of which allow you to line up the cans in order to facilitate shooting a tennis ball into the sky. We shot them at each other, but that's no longer allowed.

Basically, you use a can opener to open up both ends of the empty cans, with the exception of the bottom can, which you leave partially closed to hold the ammo (tennis balls only. You could use a baseball, but I'm not bailing you out for involuntary homicide, because that will kill someone).

The bottom can also stores your fuel, which is a small amount of lighter fluid. Put in your tennis ball, light the fluid and BOOM, you have a cannon.

This is similar to the newer school, equally effective potato gun, which is made from PVC pipe and uses hair spray as fuel, but I'll let you Google that one on your time.

Here's another video using soup cans, good luck, and remember, safety first, kids (even if you're in your 60s like me).


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