This is a public service announcement from me, Craig Russell, self-proclaimed bacon aficionado of the WFGR staff.

There is a better and easier way to make America's favorite salted and cured pig meat: bacon.

Just saying the name makes my mouth water. I'm completely convinced there isn't really anything that ISN'T better with bacon. I mean, even sweet stuff, an even bad tasting medicine would be improved with bacon. The only big problem with the meat of the Gods is cooking it.

Sure you can fry it, but that's messy. Or you can microwave it, but that either requires a whole roll of paper towel, or a fancy plastic device to hold the bacon upright and make it easier to heat up. And don't EVEN get me started on already cooked bacon. Only, and I mean ONLY if it's absolutely necessary.

Read this story from Yahoo. I will offer an idea afterwards.

You can also broil bacon, especially if you have an electric oven. You have to watch it and be careful, but it does make nice crispy and moist bacon. Excuse me while I head to the fridge.


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