Rachel McMahon is set to cash in as the queen of internet quizzes. Her book 'What Kind Of Quiz Book Are You?' drops in July.

The Grand Valley State University sophomore, who is just 19, has been writing online quizzes for BuzzFeed under the pseudonym 'Raechilling' for years. But the sad fact is she never got paid for all her work for them. They kept her happy by sending her Amazon Gift Cards.

Now, she's monetized her quiz writing skills through several other web brands, most notably Zimbio and Playbuzz.

Many felt that the teen writer was taken advantage of by BuzzFeed, especially staff writers who were laid off because of people like McMahon, who wrote for free.

“I didn’t realize that I shouldn’t have been doing that, because I was giving away this free content,” McMahon said in a recent Detroit Free Press interview. "I feel like it just opened my eyes to how, in the digital age now, you have to think about that stuff and you have to think about it a lot more than you used to."

But now she earn real money through the sale of her book, which she calls a "fun, lighthearted, and thought-provoking" collection of quizzes and "irreverent commentary" that is "destined to become as addictive as coloring books."

The News network VICE did this piece on McMahon earlier this year.

In the video, McMahon owns up to her Justin Bieber infatuation, which led to her first quiz, 'What Justin Bieber Album Are You?'

The first quiz that went viral was 'Your Food Preferences Will Reveal What TV Character You Are?' (Which makes me Homer Simpson).

Her parents, Jeff and Brenda, seem baffled as to why these quizzes work, although her Dad admits to taking a Jonas Brothers Quiz. that quiz was featured on Jimmy Fallon's 'Tonight Show'.

Rachel admits her brainstorming technique comes from random thoughts she thinks during lulls in class. She has written 692 quizzes.

The sad part comes late in the report when she admits being sad over the jobs her free talents may have cost people at BuzzFeed.

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