A new boutique wellness spa has opened up in Grand Rapids, which may have a cure for your big old drunken head.

An IV Wellness Spa has opened up in Grand Rapids, located at 1059 Wealthy St SE, behind Forty Acres Restaurant.

The spa provides intravenous drip therapy for pregnancy, jet lag, immunity boosts, and even hangovers.

Since hangovers usually are the result of intense dehydration, the immediate hydration relief of an IV drip has been know to give a little bit of relief, so there is a bit of science in the idea.

Revived Hydration is the name of the new business and their web site supplied this video highlighting the process.

In a discussion group on the topic on the Grand Rapids subreddit, a person claiming to represent the business explained it this way:

...it's Vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants, amino-acids, and select medications delivered through an IV with isotonic fluids. The idea is that you bypass the GI tract, which, pending multiple factors (illness, stress, crappy diet, etc) can have variable degrees of absorption.

They even have wedding packages so you can be refreshed for your honeymoon after a night of hard partying. they'll even make sure your entire wedding party is back up and running (albeit slowly).

If only I wasn't squeamish about needles, I would probably give it a go.

FYI -- They also have a mobile facility that can come to you if you're big old head is too hungover to get to them.




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