It seems as if pickle pizza has been popping up at different restaurants all around the country and while the internet is torn on whether its good or not I'm here to tell you IT'S AMAZING! Or shall I say DILL-icious ;-)

Okay, maybe I'm a little bias considering I'm a pickle lover but if you like pickles or are even the slightest bit curious about it... it's most definitely worth a try. I've been intrigued since I saw the trend so when I was at The Knickerbocker this past weekend and saw it on the menu, it was a must! Their pickle pizza contains:

Bacon, pickles, fresh dill, cheese curds, mozzarella, herb oil

All the flavors came together perfectly. The bacon wasn't overwhelming, the cheese curds and mozzarella melted together while the pickles still had a crunch. The acidity of the pickles worked perfectly on the pizza without making it soggy whatsoever. Plus, how delicious does that look?!


Honestly, why haven't we thought to put pickles on pizza before? If banana peppers, olives and jalapeños (which like a pickle are salty/briny) why are pickles weird? I ALWAYS want pickles on my pizza from now on.

And if you say pickles do not belong on a pizza... I'm assuming you're one of those people who puts pineapple on their pizza... the ultimate crime.

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