Has anyone else noticed we’re starting to have a squirrel problem? I actually think most animals are getting more brazen with everyone being locked away, whether it be cats, deer, bears, or squirrels; but on the west side of Grand Rapids, I think the squirrels are starting to take over.

Monday afternoon as I was working from home, my cat got really nervous jumped up, and ran to my screened-in porch.  When I got up to see what was going on, I saw it. There was a fat squirrel walking along the screen,  on my second-floor porch. I scared him off (by screaming, lol) and then spent the evening listening to them run across the top of my house attempting a few more times to get onto the screened-in porch.

This wasn’t the first time a squirrel has got too comfortable and brave.  A few days ago, I had one walk up to a window I have which is above the first-floor roof.  He peered into the house before hollered at him and scared him off.

Anytime I'm on my sacred screened-in porch, I watch no less than 6 of them run around the backyard, chasing each other and occasionally fighting. I miss the days when you'd see one or two and that was it.  I also miss the times their mouse-like asses weren't trying to test my defenses like a raptor.

I know most of our animal problem is the sole fact that a lot of us haven’t been out of our houses much in the last few months and the animals are starting to think we are like ‘I Am Legend’. But I do also think we may need to look at how to control the squirrel population before I turn into the villain on a ‘Chip n Dale Rescue Ranger’ episode. Yes, I know they were chipmunks but they both like nuts and aren’t allowed in my house...

For now, I’m googling liquid squirrel repellent and trying to get that here before Zipper Nuts,  figures out how to party with me inside.

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