We’ve been hearing about it for a couple months, but the time has finally come.   M-6 is getting some work done with a multi-million dollar reconstruction project, and it’s going to mess up a lot of commutes and add traffic to both 131 and 196.

As of Saturday, the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) closed M-6 eastbound from 196 to Wilson Avenue. They plan to shut down the westbound lanes in the next couple weeks as they rebuild the highway; the closures are expected to last until around October.

According to WOODTV, the work is happening because the highway lacks a specific ingredient the concrete needs and has been crumbling years ahead of what it should.

MDOT spokesman, John Richard told WOODTV about the closure and detours:

“The first couple of days even the first week is pretty hectic, but then things settle down people find their way. They allow more time to get where they need to go; but of course that morning and evening commute is always tough just because it’s the peak capacity of vehicles.”

The eastbound detour takes you along 196 eastbound, then south on 131 back to M-6.


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