Have you seen a bunch of your friends and family members posting a copy/paste sort of status talking about their last name, and their dad's last name, etc.? Well, if you have, and you've thought "I should do that," stop. Your participation will actually lead to you giving away the answer to one of the world's most common security questions.

You may think it's innocent. But, take a look again...

FB Last Name Thing

Now, in most cases that space after "I was a...", etc. isn't blank. It actually has your maiden name, your last name, and next your mother's maiden name.

Think about how many times, as a security question for banking, or your online accounts, you've had to provide your mother's maiden name as a response.

While it might seem like a cute, fun thing to talk about your family tree - this is just another way that scammers can gain valuable information from you without you even realizing it.

So, the next time you see a friend, or family member sharing that status on Facebook, share this with them and tell them to delete it.

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