A Michigan teenager learned the hard way, that when nature calls, you should probably hold it until you get off the ice.

The Allen Park Police took to Facebook this week to remind its citizens be cautious while driving along the River Rouge in that suburban Detroit community after a 17 year old boy lost the SUV he was driving to the river.

The unidentified youth was driving on a road along side the river this week when nature called and he had to "take a leak". Taking advantage of his vehicle's four wheel drive, the teen headed off the road and veered off to the river bank to relieve himself.

After all, you can't pee on the road, right? But he got a little too close to the water, and while he was taking care of business, he watched in horror as the SUV slowly started to sink into the dark river.

I'm sure it wasn't his car, and I'm also pretty sure Dad's gonna be pissed (pun intended).

The officers responding to the scene were able to get the SUV out of the current and back on dry land.

Meanwhile, back at the office, the police manning the department's social media feed had some fun with the story, while issuing their warning:

Tonight after dark we received a call for a car in the Rouge River. A 17 year old male decided he had to pee, so he drove on down there. You can't make this up! He is OK. The car, no so much. Luckily there was no fuel or oil leaks.
Many thanks for assistance from Dearborn Fire's Technical Rescue Team, APPD, Melvindale PD, and especially City Towing. It took a whole lot of physics to get that car on land, and then safely back up the hill.
Anyone got a foot warmer?
They included some photos of the scene.

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