The Mackinac Island Fire Department is issuing a warning, which may ruin a few plans at your next wedding or family reunion on the island.

The MIFD has banned “Chinese Lanterns” from Mackinac Island.

Of course, if you know ANYTHING about the island, you know that all the buildings on Mackinac Islands are very old and since horses are a main mode of transportation, they also have a lot of barns filled with hay.

The city council adopted the ordinance banning “Chinese Lanterns” from the island and giving authorities the power to write you a ticket. Although, that hasn’t stopped people recently.

MIFD Fire Chief Jason St Onge said there’s been an increase recently in near misses recently including one Sunday night when a paper lantern landed in a tree near the Grand Hotel.  The lantern burned in the tree near the historic building until fire crews could put it out.

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