When it comes to illegal activity, major crimes like robbery, murder, arson, and kidnapping come to mind. What most likely does not come to mind is throwing away grass clippings.

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Obviously throwing away grass clippings is not even close to robbery or murder, but it is illegal in Michigan nonetheless. As a matter of fact, there are a few more things in Michigan that are illegal to toss into the trash too.

Chances are you are guilty of throwing away at least one of the items on the list, or maybe even all of them. I highly doubt the police will be knocking on your door because you threw away a pop can or an empty bottle of Jack Daniels, but this is good information to have and we all should be recycling regardless if throwing away returnables is illegal or not.

Perhaps a great New Year's resolution would be to start recycling (if you are not doing so already). It is a resolution that you could easily stick to - definitely much easier than committing to going to the gym every day.

According to Michigan.gov, the following items are illegal to throw away in the Great Lakes State. Consider yourself warned.

Illegal Things To Throw Away In Michigan

Old Cars Sunk at Bottom of Detroit River

Detroit River Boat Graveyard

Detroit's War Zone Neighborhoods








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