These nurses in Illinois are not only heroes in the hospital, but in real life too!
Fox2 reports that Thursday night Darius Hinkle was racing to get his 1year old daughter to the hospital because she was choking on a penny.

As he made his way to the hospital he caught the attention of quite a few police officers who clocked him at 100 mph and they thought he was running.  He also didn’t have a valid driver’s license so when they pulled into the emergency room area, the group of police that had joined in on this high-speed pursuit, were definitely going to arrest him.

As the Fox 2 story tells, Darius wasn’t worried about all that, as he just wanted to make sure his daughter didn’t die, choking on a penny.  Which after the officers let the 1-year-old and her mom go inside, nurses were able to save the baby.  But that’s not the end of this story.

So Darius is in jail and his girlfriend is there trying to get him out when a random woman shows up and pays the bond.  Well, she wasn’t THAT random, she was one of the nurses and according to Fox 2, the nurses at the hospital, after hearing that Darius was arrested, pooled their money and bailed him out of jail.

Is. That. Not. Amazing? People doing good.


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