Because sometimes life takes you into Indiana, even if it's just that hour or so when you drive to Chicago, you should know that it's now illegal to hold your cellphone and drive in the Hoosier state.

As of yesterday, July 1st, throughout the state of Indiana, if you're caught holding your cellphone while driving unless calling 911, you could be ticketed, according to

That doesn't mean you can't use your phone, as long as your using a handsfree headset or Bluetooth device, your free to speak and drive.

The new law isn't playing around, in the you can't even grab/hold your phone at a red light either, because technically you're physically in control of the vehicle.  You're also not supposed to be reading or looking at the phone while driving either, and some legal experts consulted for the story suggested not even having your phone in your lap.

The maximum fine for using your phone while driving in Indiana, as of July 1st, is $500. As I said, they aren't playing with their new law


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