It's a good question, because of safety on both sides.

It's super cold out; we've canceled mail service, (heck, the whole state has pretty much closed up) yet if you live in Grand Rapids, you're supposed to make sure the sidewalk in front of your house is cleared after a snowfall, or you could get a $95 fine?  That's crazy, right? So is that being rule being suspended until it gets to at least 10 degrees or something??

Well, Mayor Bliss took to Facebook to clear up how the rule is enforced.  The good news is, that "24-hour window" you have to clear your sidewalk hasn't actually started yet.

As an FYI: Because the City ordinance only goes into effect 24 hours following the conclusion of a snow event, the clock doesn’t start ticking until we’ve had a break from this weather. Also, it’s important to note that the City only enforces the sidewalk snow/ice ordinance in response to sidewalk complaints.

What I get from that is: 1) you don't have to shovel yet, Mayor said so. 2) Get good with your neighbors so they don't complain, and then you don't have to shovel, period.

I should probably note that I probably only have a 50% likeability in my neighborhood, so don't necessarily think like me.  But Mayor said so.

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