The internet needs to stop it already. If you're not from here, or aren't going to take the time to come here, don't tell US what our best slang word is, because it's not this.

Really, Buzzfeed? 'Pop' is our best slang word? How deep did you dig for that one?

Michigan has a rich history of slang, and while 'pop' is charming, several other states in the upper Midwest call carbonated beverages 'pop', so it's not so unique.

What is?

Well, I'm glad you asked.

Let's start with 'Yooper', our very own word for people from north of the bridge. And the cool thing is, the Yoopers came up with it on their own, so it's not an insult. Or is it?

Here are some others:

Fudgies -- Tourists from the south when they are up north.

Cottage -- Where you stay when you're a fudgie up north.

Up North -- Anywhere north of a line from Saginaw across to Muskegon. You know, where your uncle's cottage is...

Trolls -- See fudgies.

Party Store -- Where you go to buy beer and wine and, yes, even liquor!

The Windsor Ballet -- Strip Clubs across the river from Detroit in Canada, where more flesh is allowed.

Secretariuhstate -- Where we go to get our driver's license.

Coney Island -- A hot dog with chili on it.

Got any more?

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