Did it feel like this month was dark, dank and wet? It was. In fact, it may have been the gloomiest ever.

Michigan isn't known for sunny autumns, but this is ridiculous. National Weather Service Stations from around the state have been reporting record amounts of clouds and rain this October.

In the Upper Peninsula, where snow has already fallen, the NWS office in Marquette announced they were closing in on some record setting clouds and rain.

And while the Grand Rapids station hasn't reported any records, they have indicated that the sun has gone away for over a week now to close the month, which has to be inching close to some sort of record. Just my gut alone says it's been more cloudy than usual this month.

NWS meteorologist Matt Zika told the Detroit Free Press, "We can't even get out to rake our leaves, because it's been so wet on a daily basis." That sounds like as good of an excuse as any.

Joseph Clark, a NWS meteorologist from White Lake, told the Freep the metro Detroit area will probably end up with at least 16 days of measurable precipitation in October. 9.8 is average for an October.

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