During the glory days of the Side Bar, I might have spent $40 on a high end cocktail, but the next morning I questioned whether it was worth it. Here's one that cost WAY more then that.

The Bad Luck Bar, located just off the Grand Circus, and just down the street from both Comerica Park and Ford Field, is a self-proclaimed "experimental" cocktail bar.

But believe me when I tell you, if you're having bad luck, you will be able to afford nothing at the Bad Luck Bar, because the least expensive cocktail there will run you $25.

It's one of these bars that goes into weird detail about their drinks, each one having a little story behind it. Like their signature cocktail, the Star Elixir. According to the menu at the Bad Luck, it promises you Chemistry, Excitement and Transformation for $45.

Which brings us to their most expensive cocktail. One which has made the list of the most expensive cocktails in America for a few years running now.

It's called The Admiral, and it will run you $200.

Why? Well, I don't know. I'll bet it tastes great, but maybe if I mix it with cheaper liquors, it'll probably  lose something in the translation.

What's in The Admiral? Let's look at how it's described on the bar menu:



1970 vintage Black Tot rum, formerly rationed by the United Kingdom to the British Royal Navy. A historic blend of rums from Trinidad, Guyana, and Jamaica, bottled at cask strength in a flagon. We recommend enjoying this historic spirit served split into a neat pour and a meticulously prepared daiquiri with fresh lime and Okinawan black sugar. Paired with a Guilt Chocolates bon-bon.

Damn straight. I BETTER get some chocolate with that!

I wonder if you can order it without the Truth? Or maybe have them go light on The Vision.

Anyway, let me ask you -- what's the most you've paid for a drink?

NOTE: Pictured cocktail is NOT The Admiral. I would expect for $200, you would get a LOT more than that, considering it's served in a flagon, which looks like this:

Museum of the American Revolution
Museum of the American Revolution

And for your information, the price on this isn't even remotely close to the highest priced cocktail in the world, which is the Diamonds Are Forever drink at The Ritz-Carlton in Tokyo, Japan. That'll run you a cool.$22,600

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