Somebody needs to high five State Rep Holly Hughes, R-Muskegon, because she’s proposing a bill that should already just be;  She wants to make it legal to warm up your car in YOUR driveway.

This past winter, a lot of us were shocked when Nick Taylor got a ticket in Roseville, Mich. for warming his car up IN his driveway – not in the street, but on his own property.  Police said it was because leaving keys in the ignition, even if locked, attracts the attention of thieves.  Nick was mad, a lot of Michiganders agreed with him; but he still had to pay the ticket, which was $128.

According to CBS Detroit, Hughes decided to do something about this crazy law after she went to get her hair done and everyone was talking about it (think of the salon scene in Steel Magnolias, minus the Shelby health scare.)

Hughes told CBS Detroit:

“The beauticians at the place where I go to get my hair cut at thanked me for allowing them to warm up their car in their own yard,” Hughes said.

“We want to make sure that people can warm up their car, particularly in the winter time on their own property, but the law would remain that you can’t leave your car running at the grocery store or anything like that, that will still remain the law,” Hughes said. (CBS Detroit)


Let’s hope Rep. Hughes can get this fixed, because seriously, if you’re parked AT your house, in YOUR driveway, you should be able to make your car feel like Alabama if you want to.  Hughes told CBS Detroit that she’s gotten a lot of support from people in Lansing for the bill, I just hope those “people in Lansing” are actual law makers and not just random people at her beauty salon.

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