This Michigan State Police dash cam video is stunning in that several people were directly in harm's way and somehow walked away without a scratch. And it should scare you into slowing down on icy roads.

State Police Troopers were stopped at an accident scene on I-96 near Detroit on one of the slippery mornings this week. Their dash cam was rolling as a tow truck driver was hooking up one of the vehicles involved in the crash when a vehicle came flying in from the right, sliding out of control on the slick roadway.

How the tow truck driver got out of the way of death is nothing short of amazing, and he was very lucky that no traffic was coming on the on ramp he stepped out on.

“As you can tell from the video the tow truck driver actually ran into the lanes of travel and he was pretty lucky that another car wasn’t traveling in the right lane or else he would’ve been hit by that car,’’ Michigan State Police Lt. Mike Shaw told the Detroit Free Press. “(The driver) was cited for violation of basic speed law, driving too fast for road conditions and violation of Michigan’s emergency vehicle move-over law.’’

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