Coyote Breeding Season is in from now through the middle of March and coyote's get hungry during this time, and that is where your pets come in.

According to WZZM, with more houses being built in rural areas more coyotes are being seen which can be a danger for your pets.

Great Lakes Nuisance Animal Control owner Carl Johnson said, "everybody's building new houses. Everybody's encroaching on their environment...Coyotes are super adaptable, and they will survive anything. When they do that, they're eating your pets."

Every year there are tons of reports regarding coyotes preying on cats and dogs. Some coyotes will even breed with dogs similar in size that are in heat, creating coydogs.

Its a good idea to not leave cat or dog food bowls outside because coyotes will eat it and well as the pets who are supposed to eat it. Not a good idea to leave your pets outside unattended this time of year as a precaution.

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