Since the law went into effect a couple of years ago, it seems that we as a city can't quite grasp the idea that you should stop at crosswalks when pedestrians are waiting to cross.  Or maybe it's the fact that we sadly went SO long without the law.

The City of Grand Rapids posted on Facebook last week a reminder about the crosswalk rules, so here's the reminder:

Did you know drivers must stop for pedestrians crossing the road within ALL marked or unmarked crosswalk intersections in our city? This ordinance applies to all crossings – except at intersections regulated by a police officer or traffic control signal.


This also means drivers must stop for all pedestrians crossing or who have started to cross the roadway at regulated intersections on the "go" or "walk" signal. Check out more info and safety tips for drivers and pedestrians at

That means anytime someone is at a crosswalk, you need to stop.  It doesn't mean you have to stop for the people that cross wherever, but if you're driving down Leonard Street, near Mitten Brewing and people are trying to cross, you should stop.

The only exception to the rule is when the crosswalk is controlled by signals at a stoplight, then the pedestrians are required to follow the lit-up signs.

Hopefully, more people will become mindful of the law. I've noticed that when I stop for people it usually makes opposing traffic come to a stop too, so in essence, by following the law, you could possibly be saving someone's life who's trying to cross the street.

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