I read the news today, oh, boy! About a taco restaurant in our building!!

As I came into work Tuesday morning, I glanced at the building directory and noticed a new listing, "Coming soon," it read, "Barrio Tacos."

My first thought was, "Grand Rapids already has too many delicious taco places." But then it dawned on the lazy part of my personality, "now I'm only a short elevator ride from tacos!"

As Scott Winters pointed out earlier this year, there have been rumors for awhile, but now those rumors are true. 

Barrio will occupy the bottom floor of our building which is at 37 Ottawa St NW, just a short hop form the BOB.

Barrio Tacos is a Cleveland based chain that also offers quality tequila, whiskey and beer in addition to their 'build your own' taco experience.

Owner Jake Hawley was interviewed this week by the Grand Rapids Business Journal about his establishment.

“We could not be more excited to open our next restaurant in downtown Grand Rapids,” Hawley told GRBJ. “This is such a vibrant and eclectic community, and I think that Barrio will be a perfect fit. Barrio offers a high-energy atmosphere that will work perfectly in an entertainment district. We look forward to serving flavorful tacos and handcrafted margaritas to residents of Grand Rapids.”

Barrio hopes to be open in their new location by this fall.

And hats off to GRBJ for failing to mention Townsquare Media in their list of who occupies 37 Ottawa. Listeners may remember that our radio studios stayed active in and on the air THROUGHOUT the building's reconstruction. But if breathing in construction dust for over a year doesn't rate a mention, so be it. I honestly hope you never have to do it.

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