I have heard seasons in Michigan described two ways. Good snomobiling season and August. The other way is Winter and Road Construction Season. And I will be really honest, I'm actually happy about it this year.

I had to drive to Chicago a couple of days ago and there was a lot already on 196. And once into Indiana on 94, well it was an orange barrel mess. But that's ok. The roads need help all over the place, due to the hard winter.

I read a story online somewhere that Grand Rapids is borrowing 17 million dollars to make some immediate road repairs in town. If I owned a florescent vest and had a lunch pail, i'd be out helping those guy do the repairs! Remember our "worst pothole" contest from the spring? Well those roads needs some help. Some have been patched, but mostly they are rough.

So be careful when out driving, and stay safe with the road workers.


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