This was maybe the best post I've come across in the NextDoor app.  It was a neighbor in the Creston neighborhood, who posted a warning of sorts to her area neighbors:

Mouse in a Hot pink sweater.

This is a serious post no matter how ridiculous it is about to sound. Believe me, I am shaking my head right now. If anyone happens to see a common field mouse run by in a Hot pink sweater, please disregard.

The post continued with the rest of the story.  Her daughter saved the mouse from her cats and named it Princess Karen and then dressed it in a hot pink sweater, which presumably is when the mouse realized the cats may be a better option, so it jumped down and ran away; with the sweater still on.

Rosa, who posted the "warning" went on to say that it wasn't a pet and she didn't want it back, she just wanted to let everyone know that there's a mouse out there that might catch you off guard, but to not worry about it.

In the comments, a little more was revealed.  Apparently the little girl has been asking for a dog, so her mom thinks the mouse was a bit of rebellion:

She wants a dog..... This is a "if you had just given me a dog" rebellion..... This is what i get. ‍♀️


Also, the burning questions of "where did she get a little sweater?" and "how did she get it dressed?" in the comments as well. The sweater was a sock she had cut to make it fit the mouse and she was able to dress the mouse because she had caught it and was feeding it cheese in a tank. It didn't get away until she was holding it getting the sweater on.

One of the comments called the site the "most ridiculous site" and Rosa agreed:

Thank you. That is how i felt when i got a text saying "Mom we have a slight problem" with a picture attatched and then, "We have a new pet" And then again later when i received another text with, "Mom, we have a problem" and " Princess Karen jumped after i got the sweater on her".....

I'm so glad that this was shared with everyone, because it was my favorite of the week.  Now if only someone would post pictures.

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