If this year has seemed a little damp to you, it's because most of Michigan has received record amounts of precipitation.  We have rainfall records dating back to 1895 and this year, 2019, has been the wettest on record for much of the state.

Cities all across West Michigan are reporting extremely high precipitation rates.  Grand Rapids and Muskegon are two cities that are on pace to have the wettest years on record.  Grand Rapids is at just over 48" of rain for the year, ahead of the current record of 47" set in 1986, and Muskegon's record breaking precipitation isn't far behind at almost 45" for the year.

The record breaking rainfall for the year isn't just localized to Michigan, 5 states across the midwest have also seen the most precipitation since 1895.  The extreme amounts of rainfall have also brought a lot of flooding to the midwest and nearly record high water levels in a few of the Great Lakes.

Precipitation levels are expected to drop as December continues, but that is simply because snow contains less moisture than actual rain.  However, despite the drop in precipitation, most of West Michigan should still see a new precipitation record at the end of the year.

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